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Ivan Goff, uilleann bagpipes and flute

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Ivan Goff brought his uilleann bagpipes and Irish flute to Lehman College.  Ivan has used New York City as a home base for performances and touring for the recent past.  He has been a regular in local sessions, a musical force on the international touring scene, and a piper in high demand. Aside from his life as a performer, Ivan is also a PhD candidate in NYU’s Ethnomusicology department. During his visit, Ivan discussed the uilleann bagpipes, his time in New York, playing with Riverdance and working with the Irish Arts Center, the Irish in America, and greater conceptions of Irish America and multiple conceptions of Irish-Americans.

Here is a snippet of Ivan playing the uilleann bagpipes with button accordionist John Redmond:


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September 8, 2010 at 11:43 am