Irish Musicians in The Bronx

Irish Musicians in The Bronx – a Brief Oral History

Don Meade, harmonica(s) and banjo

Don Meade, banjo and harmonica

Don Meade came to New York from California and quickly became a major player and impresario in the Irish music community.  Known to play fiddle and banjo at his Monday night Landmark Tavern sessions, he also has a wonderful repertoire of songs, is an All-Ireland champion on the harmonica, and plays fiddle with New York’s Washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra.  Don is also one of the world’s experts on the names and histories of traditional tunes, and routinely receives calls from around the world asking for his assistance.

In this April 23rd, 2009 interview, Don discusses his early days on the banjo, CCE sessions around the metropolitan area, and learning tunes from the older generations of players in New York.  He also talks about the early session and concert scene, especially the Eagle Tavern series, which he still runs today as the “Blarney Star” Irish Music concert series.  In addition, he discusses and demonstrates harmonicas and ornamentation, and plays a few tunes on the banjo.

Selected excerpts:

Don Meade on his early musical influences in New York:

Don demonstrating the diatonic harmonica:

Don Meade demonstrating ornamentation on a chromatic harmonica:

Don talks about CCE sessions, respected local musicians and his All-Ireland award:

Don warms up the tenor banjo:

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